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WHO'S NEXT Immersive Room


FINK & AC3 STUDIO joined forces to create an Immersive Video Mapping Experience for the “Forum des Tendances” during the Who’s Next Paris Fair in January 2015.

The installation consisted in three 10k-lumens video-projectors set-up in a custom-made room in order to create a changing optical illusion based on the user point-of-view (“trompe l’œil’).


Mapping & Broadcast : AC3 STUDIO

Realisation : COLTS

Art direction : Colts / Mario FAUNDEZ

Postproduction : FINK, Benjamin CHASSAGNE Colin TOUPE

Illustrations : FLAB

Music & Sound Design : Ivan GRANGERET

Photo director : Mikael BENARD

Dancers : Shaun BUI / Laetitia DREMEAU

Special Thanks to Roman DE VILLENEUVE & Steven BRECHENMACHER