SRC Sacré, Paris SRC Sacré, Paris SRC Sacré, Paris

SRC – Sacré

Immersive and Kinetic Installation


SCR is a kinetic installation that puts light in motion.
By considering light as a material in itself, we designed an installation that reveals its weight and thickness. Sacré is a ceiling of moving and synchronized mirrors that modulate streaks of light through its interstices.
The structure is thus to be considered as a technical tool that enhances the light through a possibility of infinite light paintings.


Mars 2019, Sacré Club, Paris, France


Client : Sacré

Art Direction : Matière Noire
Production & Engineering : AC3 STUDIO

Head Engineer: Jean-Rémy PEROT
Technical Direction : Benjamin LEGRIS

Setup and Installation : Benjamin LEGRIS, Jean-Rémy PEROT, Victor BREITENBACH, Thomas CLAPIN


Pictures & Film by : Pascal MONTARY

Illustration by: felix Arguillere


Kinetic Installation, LED Design, Stage Design