PLASTIC OMNIUM - WIND TUNNEL Mondial de l'Automobile 2016 - Paris PLASTIC OMNIUM - WIND TUNNEL SHANGHAI AUTO SHOW 2017 PLASTIC OMNIUM - WIND TUNNEL Plastic Omnium 70th Anniversary - Grand Palais


For the Paris Motor Show 2016, AUDITOIRE asked AC3 STUDIO to produce and build the WIND TUNNEL, an interactive and immersive installation using videomapping, LED Design, Sound design, electronics and a wind turbine to make the audience discover the last innovations of the PLASTIC OMNIUM brand.

The event took place in October 2016 at the Mondial de l’Automobile in Paris, at the Shanghai Autoshow in China in April 2017 and for the 70th anniversary of the Plastic Omnium group at the Grand Palais in Paris in June 2017.



Client : Plastic Omnium

Agency : Auditoire

Production : AC3 STUDIO

Design : Vincent COUTELIN

Electronic conception : Jean-Rémy PEROT

Development : Jean-Rémy PEROT, Félix ARGUILLERE

Video : Benjamin CHASSAGNE & FLAB

Sound Design : Nicolas ZUBER

Construction & Set-up : Vincent COUTELIN, Jean-Rémy PEROT, Victor BREITENBACH, Roman DE VILLENEUVE, Félix ARGUILLERE, Rémi GROSSON, Benjamin CHASSAGNE

Filmed by : Pascal MONTARY & Adrien LACHAPELLE