Fédération Entertainment Virtual Live Event Fédération Entertainment Virtual Live Event Fédération Entertainment Virtual Live Event



Because of Covid19 restrictions, the annual festive Fedent Event had to be reinvented : AC3 Studio was commissioned to create a live concert, available online, streamed on the Zoom platform. All the viewers were invited to use a voting system to choose which of their favourite songs would be played next.

The setup was composed of a 100m² Greenscreen and 3 cameras : 2 fixed, capturing the scene from various angles and a fully tracked camera, being able to freely move inside the studio. All of them were directly included into our custom Mediaserver using own Unreal Engine 4 program and a custom 3D scene.

The 3rd camera was calibrated to perfectly match the physical camera used on set : travellings, pans, or any moves were transposed to the virtual world, letting the viewers completely feeling the set as “reality”.

The faces of all the viewers were displayed onto a screen inside the 3D virtual world, with dynamic focuses, letting the band play, dance and have fun with the viewers.


Client : Federation Entertainment

Event Production : Géraldine CAYROUX

Technical & Creative Production : AC3 STUDIO

3D Artist : Marine QUIVIGER, Nicolas RUFFAULT

Tracking Programming : Alassane COLY-AROGUNDADE, Rémi GROSSON

A/V Setup : STUDIO 51

Greenscreen : STUDIO 51

Illustration by: felix Arguillere


Interactive Installation, Real-Time Rendering, Virtual Reality