Explore the Maison’s vision of time through the immersive experience of the Cartier Watchmaking Encounters.

It’s time – with watchmaking creations that endure through the decades like the Pasha de Cartier with its geometric grid. Time becomes warped and opens new creative territories with the supple, paved case of the Coussin de Cartier. Time is immaterial and intangible with the Masse Mystérieuse watch, ever-evolving and suspended within the transparency of its case.  Finally time creates a moment outside of time, placing the emblematic panther on a series of precious watches.

Client: Cartier
Agency : Publicis Luxe
Production : Ac3 studio
Artistic Direction : Publicis Luxe
2D/3D animation: Intro (Digital District), Motionwip, Antoine Ferracci, Benjamin Chassagne, Nicolas Ruffault, Marine Quivigier and other 3D artists.
Sound Design : Publicis Luxe

Illustration by: max


Motion Design