Blue Beauty Lab is an immersive experience at the intersection of science and Art.

Through movement, visitors can interact with the visuals in real time, layering abstract representations of the ingredients and Life Plankton to create bespoke pieces of digital artwork and understand the complex science at the heart of the brand.

Brought to life within the historic walls of the Institut océanographique de Monaco within BIOTHERM’s new Blue Beauty Lab, the experience has 2 steps :

1/ An interactive and physical playground: The audience is invited to play with Biotherm star ingredient, life plankton, combined with a second dermatological ingredient of their choice. Then, moving their hands allows them to play with the shape & density of the microorganism, creating a record of their creation after 20 seconds.

2/ A digital takeaway: By scanning the QR code of their creation, creators can give it a name and sign it, like a piece of Art. They can download it, have it on their phone, and share it on their social network. But even better: they can add it to the live gallery of BIOTHERM samples and be part of their hall of fame!

A big thank you to Thibaut Rouganne & BIOTHERM for trusting us and to all the great team involved in this ambitious and creative project.

Client : Biotherm
Concept : Universal Design Studio
Architecture : The A Group
Furniture : Atelier 181 & Gruppo Pozzi
Artistic Direction and Project Management : SUPERBIEN
Digital Experience production, Generative Content, Creative Coding Sound Design and hardware : AC3 Studio

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Illustration by: max


Interactive Installation, Real-Time Rendering, Stage Design, Video Mapping