FINK & AC3 STUDIO joined forces to create an Immersive Video Mapping Experience for the « Forum des Tendances » during the Who’s Next Paris Fair in January 2015.

The installation consisted in three 10k-lumens video-projectors set-up in a custom-made room in order to create a changing optical illusion based on the user point-of-view (« trompe l’œil’).


Mapping & Broadcast : AC3 STUDIO

Realisation : COLTS

Art direction : Colts / Mario FAUNDEZ

Postproduction : FINK, Benjamin CHASSAGNE Colin TOUPE

Illustrations : FLAB

Music & Sound Design : Ivan GRANGERET

Photo director : Mikael BENARD

Dancers : Shaun BUI / Laetitia DREMEAU

Special Thanks to Roman DE VILLENEUVE & Steven BRECHENMACHER