VALERIAN - ORANGE Worldwide Mobile Experience



To celebrate their partnership with EUROPACORP on the new blockbuster VALERIAN and the City of a Thousand Planets, ORANGE asked AC3 STUDIO to think of a dedicated App for all the 8 European countries where ORANGE is operating.

The App at the same time entertain the public,  and showcase in an unique way some exclusive contents.  

To support the Operation, ORANGE has printed and distributed 100 000 Popcorn Boxes with a QR Code to access the app and a pair of 360°-glasses to enjoy the VR part. 

ORANGE also communicated on the operation on every Social Networks of the Brand (International and National pages). 

Results :     

  • Web App released in 8 countries    
  • 100 000 Popcorn boxes and VR Glasses gifted during events    
  • More than 180 000 visits in 2 months    


Client : ORANGE
Production : AC3 STUDIO

Development : HIGHLAB

Project Manager : Etienne LANAUD

3D & 2D Artists : Geoffrey VITALE, Nicolas RUFFAULT, FLAB

Visual Fx : Hugo LEFEBVRE

Sound Design : Nicolas ZUBER