Mathilde DE LECOTAIS did exhibition in April 2015, in which the art gallery of « La Vallée Village » turned into real space of experimentation, both playful and participatory. For this occasion, AC3 Studio designed and created the “Table des Matières”, allowing the visitor to experienc Mathilde’s work in a different manner:

Becoming the main protagonist, alone, in a pair, or in group, he was invited to rediscover the matter – whether textile, organic, noise or odor – by using all of his senses.

This unique and sensory journey into the heart of matter was built using high-end electronics, LED design, odour diffuser, and a custom-made video-mapped triangle-screen.


Client : La Vallée Village

Production : AC3 STUDIO, HIGHLAB, Mathlide de LECOTAIS

Table design : Vincent COUTELIN

Electronics & Programmation : Félix ARGUILLERE

Content creation, films and images : Mathilde DE LECOTAIS

Construction : Vincent COUTELIN, Roman DE VILLENEUVE, Felix ARGUILLERE

Captation and film editing : Pascal MONTARY et Adrien LACHAPPELLE