SOUS-BOIS – La Cabane, Bruxelles

SOUS-BOIS, La Cabane, Bruxelles

Matière Noire & AC3 Studio continue its reflections on the possibilities of light in the nightlife environment with SOUS-BOIS, a permanent installation for La Cabane, the new bastion of Brussels nights.
With SOUS-BOIS we made the radical choice to cover the entire club ceiling with cnc cutted oak layers, each of which serves as a reflection surface. The wood reveals the light and thus offers a large atmospheric and abstract painting.




Permanent Installation, 2018, Cabane, Brussels

Client : CABANE
Stage Design : Pierre DAGBA
Production : AC3 STUDIO

Technical Direction : Jean-Rémy PEROT

Setup and Installation : Benjamin LEGRIS, Jean-Rémy PEROT, Pierre DAGBA, Victor BREITENBACH


Pictures by : Pierre DAGBA

Illustration by: felix Arguillere


Interactive Installation, LED Design, Stage Design