VILLADALESIA came to us to think and produce 3 interactive installations illustrating Renault’s EASYLIFE promises to make life easier for drivers through cutting edge in-board technologies and services that adapt to their everyday needs.

We used 3 different interactive technologies to create simple and intuitive games that illustrates each of the 3 pillars of the EASYDRIVE concept.

– The first one is a parking game : using a Leapmotion users needs to manage to park.

– The second one is a kinect based installation linked to lane keeping assistance , visitors needs to use their entire body and demonstrate their balance to stay in their lane.

– The third and last one is using a custom pressure sensitive floor to show the speed control fonctions, using their foots users needs to regulate their speed to avoid collisions.

The installation is part of the Atelier Renault (Champs Elysées Paris) complete new scenography. The style is minimalistic and colorful.


Client : RENAULT (L’Atelier Renault)

Agency : Villadalesia & Co

Production : AC3 STUDIO

Production director : Etienne LANAUD

Head of development : Rémi GROSSON

Interface & Gameplay : Yohan LE BRETON

2D & 3D design : Marine QUIVIGER, Geoffrey VITALE

Sound Design : Nicolas ZUBER

Photography : Pascal MONTARY

Illustration by: felix Arguillere


Interactive Installation, Motion Design, Real-Time Rendering, Stage Design