ORANGE 2018 – CASINO – #Wonderfulnoel


For the third year in a row, PUBLICIS/ARC asked AC3 STUDIO to produce, organise, engineer and build a brand new interactive installation on the Orange flaghsip façade at the Place de l’Opéra in Paris.

Invited to freely try out the custom-made slot machine, the users were seeing the 3 wheels placed 6 meters above the ground and a golden framing with more than 300 LED lights synchronised with the application. The visual animation was also displayed on all the lalteral windows on 2 floors of the shop.

People were then able to attempt to win a prize from the 46 000€ prize pool available for the whole December month.

November & December 2018, Paris, Opéra


Client : ORANGE

Agency : ARC
Account Director : Antoine CLERGEOT

Production & engineering : AC3 STUDIO
Design : Vincent COUTELIN
Production Director : Marie BESSE

Structure : ENTREPOSE
Climbers : VERSANT
Conception & LED Integration : AC3 STUDIO

App development : Jean-Rémy PEROT, Félix ARGUILLERE
Visual content :Benjamin CHASSAGNE
Set-up : Benjamin LEGRIS, Jean-Rémy PEROT, Rémi GROSSON, Félix ARGULLERE

Filmed by : Pascal MONTARY & Adrien LACHAPELLE

Illustration by: felix Arguillere


Interactive Installation, LED Design, Motion Design, Stage Design