« Jump For Twizy » is a permanent digital and interactive installation we developed for Villadalesia&Co at L’Atelier Renault (Champs Elysées, Paris). The setup is a fun and interactive way to raise awareness about sustainable and clean energies.

The goal is simple : you have 15 seconds, alone or with friends, to generate a maximum amount of energy by jumping on the tiles and try to gain some prizes!

This installation is being used since November 2015.


Client : RENAULT (L’Atelier Renault)

Agency : Villadalesia & Co

Production : AC3 STUDIO

Designer : Vincent COUTELIN

Head of development : Felix ARGUILLERE

Interface & Gameplay : Charles SADOUL

Interactive Developper : Jean Remy PEROT

Social Media Developper : Remi GROSSON

Motorisation : Thierry REISS

Sound Design : Nicolas ZUBER

Video & Editing : TAGO MAGO FILMS

Photography : Pascal MONTARY