Since April (London) and June 2015 (Hong-Kong), to celebrate the 10 Years of the iconic “Big Bang” watch, Hublot has lanched a serie of exclusive exhibitions simultaneously running in Europe/North America and Asia. For this exhibition, we were commissioned by Atelier Lum to design 3 digital and interactive installations :
  • Two interactive interfaces for touch screens to discover respectively the Partners & Friends of the brand, and the Art of Fusion.
  • One interactive solution, using a hand-tracking system, to explore the famous “movement” with real-time captions giving live explanations about the different pieces composing the famous Unico watch.


Client : HUBLOT

Agency : Atelier LUM

Technical direction : Félix ARGUILLERE

Interactive development : Laurent BEYSSON

Graphic Design : FLAB, Benjamin CHASSAGNE, Thomas RODA

Set-up : Max COISNE & Felix ARGUILLERE (London), Roman DE VILLENEUVE (Hong-Kong)