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SHOW HELLO 2012 Orange


Orange’s CEO Stephane Richard presented key innovations for 2013 during a 40-minute long show orchestrated by Havas Event. For this show, innovation was also visual as the set was composed of non-stop evolving cubes, showing urban landscapes, networks, data clouds as well as scenes of everyday life using a videomapping creation by SUPERBIEN, produced by Fighting Fish.

To graphically animate every facet of these cubes 780,000 high resolution images were produced, the equivalent to 5 full-length films.


Client : ORANGE
Creative Director : Frédéric BAULT
Art Direction & Réalisation : SUPERBIEN
Staging : Frederic BAULT & Sabri TEKAÏA
Scenography : Vincent COUTELIN
Production : FIGHTING FISH
Projection : ETC Audiovisuel
Music : StartRec