As part of the « BIG NOEL » campaign from ORANGE , PUBLICIS SHOPPER chose AC3 STUDIO to create and produce the BIG SAPIN. A 18-meters high LED Christmas tree above the new flagship in Paris. The digital Tree was in place for 2 months and was controlled from the street through a dedicated application, allowing the users to customize its content.

Location : Paris, Opéra


Client : ORANGE

Account Director : Antoine CLERGEOT

Production : AC3 STUDIO
Design : Vincent COUTELIN
Production Director : Marie BESSE
Administrative Direction : Aida HANNACHI
Electronic conception : Jean-Rémy PEROT, Félix ARGUILLERE

Technical Direction : Vincent COUTELIN & Jean Francois ESTEVE
Structure : ENTREPOSE
Climbers : VERSANT
Electric Supply : POWERSHOP

App development : Charles SADOUL
Character Design and Visual Animation : Marie DECLERCK, Louis SIMON & Benjamin CHASSAGNE
Construction & Set-up : Vincent COUTELIN, Félix ARGULLERE, Victor BREITENBACH, Roman DE VILLENEUVE,  Jean-Rémy PEROT, Rémi GROSSON, Max COISNE

Filmed by : Pascal MONTARY & Adrien LACHAPELLE