For the 30th anniversary of the UBISOFT group, we have created with LA LUNE ROUSSE two interactive installations display during the event.

Using a Kinect v2, a digital guestbook was created for the users to browse through online messages, pictures and videos that were posted during the week by fans only by using their hands and miming a page lift like a magical book.

We also created a World map using two 8K lumens videoprojectors and several capacitive sensors hidden behind the screen to let the users touch and trigger the key figures of the UBISOFT games when touching continents and countries with their hands. The displayed data was showing in real-time the online connections and games for each UBISOFT best-seller.

Location : Palais d’Iéna


Client : UBISOFT

Lead Developer : Felix ARGUILLERE

Electronic Conception : Jean-Rémy PEROT

Creative Direction : Camille LAUREAU

Set up : Felix ARGUILLERE, Victor BREITENBACH, Benjamin CHASSAGNE, Jean-Rémy PEROT